Oklahoma’s ongoing economic crisis has forced countless mothers back into the workforce. Oraynab will support that transition by working to ensure women receive better pay, enhanced job opportunities and affordable childcare. She will also support women who strive to become financially independent both in their personal and career endeavors.


As a mother of three children who attended Edmond Public Schools and with 15 years of volunteering experience in the school district, Oraynab knows how important it is that teachers are vigorously represented at the Capitol. While Oraynab is understandably concerned that Oklahoma ranks 50th in teacher pay, she has also been taking time during her campaign to reach out to teachers so she can better understand the myriad issues they face on a daily basis.


Oklahoma is a great place to live and an even better place to raise families. Yet the legislature has not kept its promise to serve the people. The state’s budget woes have many Oklahomans concerned about the future and their ability to provide for themselves and their families. Through her advocacy and leadership, Oraynab has long been a powerful voice against special interests at the Capitol and has consistently urged our elected leaders to better represent the people. Once elected to the House of Representatives, she will continue her fight to make Oklahoma a better, healthier place for us all.